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We get involved. We will analyze your needs in detail and only if your product has potential will we propose services for your company to sell on Amazon.

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Duamy Eco

Small changes are the beginning of big revolutions. Save the planet.


We are a company committed to the environment that places all of its knowledge at the disposal of a more sustainable world. We believe that small changes are the beginning of great revolutions.


Duamy was created with the aim of preserving our natural resources and reducing the amount of waste we generate every day, avoiding plastics and non-biodegradable materials that often end up in our oceans and forests.


Earth is our home and its resources our sustenance. We consider its preservation and conservation fundamental.


We choose quality suppliers who use recyclable materials from sustainable cultivation to manufacture. We create products that are 100% biodegradable


At Duamy, our values are based on sustainability and its multiple resources. We create fully compostable products with recyclable packaging that minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Duamy Eco


Duamy Innova

We’re modest, but it must be recognized that technologically, we are really good, our models and algorithms detect market gaps in Amazon, and sometimes we even exploit those business opportunities ourselves.


We design all our products with the utmost care and collaborate with competitive and established producers: our R&D department has come up with cost-effective ideas, compatible with our company values, and best of all, always through fun and collaborative design processes

Duamy Innova
Duamy Supply


Duamy Supply

If your product and brand are exceptional you will qualify for our Supply department. In this mode, we will buy your product at your premises and take care of everything else. And when we say everything, we mean everything: listings, photos, country selection, descriptions, advertising, stocking, reviews and anything else that can be done within Amazon.

These are the brands whose products are so good, they have joined Duamy Supply:

Our Markets

We sell all over Europe, and have our own stores in all marketplaces where Amazon is present.


We also collaborate with Sellers and Vendors in the United States so that your product can reach outside our continent.


And this year we will open Mexico, because its potential is enormous and because we are in love with that country.

If your product is excellent, you will qualify for our Supply department. You can see what other brands trust us at Duamy Supply. Duamy Supply.

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